Aircraft Certification Training

AirCert Consultants provides off-the-shelf and customized training to customers on 14 CFR Part 21 certification process to assist them in obtaining Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for aircraft, engine, and propeller products.  

Leveraging decades of experience with the FAA in certification, program management, and training development, AirCert Consultants provides specialized training in aircraft certification to the aerospace industry and consults with customers on their submission packages to the FAA to achieve successful outcomes. 

Our Services

AirCert Consultants concentrates on each aspect of aircraft certification so that our customers gain in-depth knowledge and insight in obtaining FAA approval for their FAA engineering design projects and programs. We have developed several training modules which help our customers navigate the demands and complexities imposed by the FAA certification approval process: 

FAA Organizational Structure

FAA Project Management

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

Instruction for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)

Changed Product Rule: 21.101 Certification Basis

FAA Conformity Inspection Process

Type Inspection Authorization (TIA)

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

Technical Standard Orders (TSO)

Continued Operational Safety (COS)

FAA Issue Paper (IP) Process

FAA Delegations (ODA, DERs)

Foreign Validation Procedures

AirCert Consultants doesn’t just stop with the training of your engineers. We also provide  follow-up with our customers on their FAA certification projects including:  

  • Helping our customers apply the knowledge they gain through our training on their current and future FAA projects and programs 
  • Consulting with our customers on developing the required substantiation data packages to obtain FAA approval 
  • Providing our support to establish a proactive and productive relationship with the  FAA 

At AirCert Consultants, we believe that professional knowledge and communication skills, along with personal attention will result in successful FAA certification program outcomes for our customers. 

AirCert Consultants can also work with customers to develop and conduct specialized training needs that a company wishes to pursue to enhance their engineering workforce certification and technical knowledge. 

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Our Team

Osvaldo “Ozzie” F. Lopez has an extensive career in aerospace engineering with over 43 years in aircraft certification working for both NASA and the FAA.  

Ozzie began his career as a Research Engineer in structural and computational mechanics at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Langley Research Center. In this role, he was responsible for developing analytical and testing methodologies for application in transport category aircraft. 

After moving to Atlanta in 1991, Ozzie worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Atlanta Aircraft Certification office (ACO) for 25 years where he worked initially as a Certification Engineer. During his tenure at the FAA, Ozzie served as a Program Manager for many companies, including Gulfstream Aerospace, Piper Aircraft, HEICO, and Honda Aircraft, who regularly sought FAA approval for initial certification as well as changes and modifications to aircraft. Ozzie worked with these companies on type certification programs, supplement type certificate projects, and PMA projects. He was also instrumental in helping three of these companies obtain Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) approval. Obtaining ODA approval helped these companies enhance the design, engineering, and production of their products and articles, helping these companies introduce their products and articles into the aerospace market expediently and cost effectively.

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